How it works

The Revolution:

Charge times of less than one second, 1000x faster than leading technology.

The Force Solaire HyperfastCharge Zone itself is composed of two key technologies: The Gyrotron and the Source Plate/Transmitter.

  1. Gyrotron: This is the core piece of technology that generates the high-power electromagnetic charge and provides the “rectenna” in the EV with the energy to HyperfastCharge batteries by 1,000 times.

  2. The Source Plate/Transmitter: The transmitter plate is directly connected to the gyrotron and installed underground with it.

The EV contains the other three components, including the key technology “rectenna.”

  1. The Receiver Plate/Rectenna: Receives charge from the source plate and converts to high-power DC charge.

  2. The Capacitors: The capacitors store the energy that then will replenish battery and/or power motor.

  3. The Battery: Standard lithium-ion batteries work with this technology.

Research Review

The research review on “Wireless power transfer via Subterahertz-wave”, published in 2018 by Sei Mizojiri and Kohei Shimamura, shows how “wireless power transmission by a rectenna using millimeter waves and subterahertz waves is gaining attention. It is expected that energy harvesters at high frequencies will be developed for use with future 5G. High-power wireless power supply to various applications will be possible because of miniaturization of the rectenna.”

Solar Powered HyperfastCharge

Pairing Force Solaire HyperfastCharge with a solar energy for true net-zero emissions.

Solar energy capture via Force Solaire SmartSolar Farm.

Captured energy transmitted to a smart ESS at Point of Use.

Smart Energy Storage System stores energy at POU.

HyperfastCharge receives its power from ESS at POU.